LE LE CANAPE' is a well-established upholstered furniture manufacturer. The company's founder, Mr.Sali Iorf, began producing upholstered furniture just after the second world war. Through the years, Iorf's sons continued the family business never losing sight of the high standard of production established by their father. Le Canape is able to maintain this optimum quality through the help of the skilled craftsmanship and artistic taste of its experienced staff who is well versed in the entire LE CANAPE' line. The customer service department is readily available to assist customers and to answer any questions concerning the furniture and its production. The Le Canape line is based on "classic" style and meticulous attention to detail, easily recognizable by both its elegance and the colors and accessories which make Le Canape furniture a perfect compliment to any living room.

We are an up-to-date company able to realize quality products with unmistakable good taste while maintaining both practicality and an affordable price. Our professional Accounts Department is readily available to assist our customers.

LE CANAPE' SRL, Factory and Headquarters in Quarrata .......
"The Furniture Town"

Via Larga 72/74 - Quarrata 51039 (PT) Italy Tel. 0573 73135 Fax 0573 775277